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Discord Updates : August 2023

Hi everyone :),

For those who missed it, we have revamped Discord and gone public! This includes the guild in Guild Wars 2.
No more being stuck in the "landing-zone" before gaining access to everything else.

All new members will have access to everything, :D So invite your friends that you've holding off on because of the grueling system we had.
Same goes for Guild Wars 2, all members can now invite people :)

Rules have been simplified.
Self-assign-roles have been updated, many roles have been deleted. These can be added in the future as we need them.
You should still have the roles you reacted to previously, so no need to re-assign them.

We've reduced the number of voice channels and deleted unused channels, as we grow voice channels can be added again and the lost text channels could return as threads instead, to keep things clean within Discord.

Regarding the leveling system, I've updated the levels required for certain roles.
I've also added the first benefit, if you reach the rank of @Priest, you'll gain access to a secret channel 😈

Being a @Benefactor allows you access to all level benefits regardless of your current rank.

More benefits will be added in the future as I think of some :3 

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