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Emboldened Raids!
Emboldened Raids!
Guild Wars 2

We'll attempt to clear the raid that is emboldened for the week.Ideally, we need 6 DPS, 2 Quickness and 2 Alacrity providers, of which (2 of the supports also provides heals).

Strike Missions - Full Clear IBS
Strike Missions - Full Clear IBS
Guild Wars 2

We're going to attempt to do a full clear of the Ice Brood Saga (Path of Fire required) strike missions, followed by the End of Dragons strike missions (excluding Harvest Temple).Ideally, we need 6 DPS, 2 Quickness and 2 Alacrity providers, of which ...

Weekly Dungeons!
Weekly Dungeons!
Guild Wars 2

As the title suggests, we'll be doing Dungeons, every week!We'll decide on which dungeon to do on the day. We'll do all of the explorable paths unless someone hasn't done story mode. In which case that'll be done first :)!Each explorable path will re...

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Community Update: 2020-07-16
Hi everyone :),

So just a small update, but we've changed our name. We're now Daemorus!
Hound of Abaddon was too close to Hounds of Abaddon from Warhammer and based on my future plans I felt it would be safer to change it now, rather than change it later.

As far as changing the name goes, most of our stuff has been updated to Daemorus. Still waiting for some things to change before this domain will be daemorus.com instead of houndofabaddon.com.

Our Guild Wars 2 guild and all our social platforms have been updated!

We're still the same community, just a new name and logo :P


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