Website Update Notes: 2023-01-06

Website Update Notes: 2023-01-06

This will probably be the last update to the website, unless issues arise.


  • Archiving! Old topics will now archive. Meaning that it will no longer be visible in the forum but will still be viewable if you happen to have a link. Stickied topics won't be archived :)
  • Discord Link! Accidentally logged in with the wrong account? Or just want to remove your Discord link on your account? Now you can.
  • Delete your account :( Sad, but if you no longer want to have an account with us, you can now delete it. The process will take 28 days, all personal information will be deleted, however, events and forum related information will be kept and transferred to a system user. You know, in case you created a cool guide we'd like to keep :D Or if you were solely responsible for creating events, so that it doesn't look like we are suddenly without any events xD.
  • Donation :D We now have a account. So if you feel like supporting us financially, feel free to buy a coffee1.

As always if you happen to find any issues, please leave a comment here, send a message on the contact us form or let me know on Discord :)

There are no new tasks for this website. So I'll be looking at version 2.0 of Daemorus, which means rewriting it completely using newer technologies and newer hosting. This will most likely take very long, so this website will still be up and usable. If any issues occur, I will be here to fix it :)

1Coffee will be used to finance hosting of the web application as well as future game servers we might host!

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