Website Update Notes: 2022-09-12

Website Update Notes: 2022-09-12

This is the first update in quite a few updates still to come. I have the urge to make some changes. The next set of updates will be towards the forums, specifically in managing old content.


  • Repeat types on events! We can now set an event to repeat every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Making it quite useful for events that rotate, like doing IBS and EoD Strikes every 2nd week. Without needing to update the event information each time.
  • Under the hood! The other change is in regards to SEO keywords, instead of using the same set across the website, we now have some more defined keywords depending on the page. 

As always if you happen to find any issues, please leave a comment here, send a message on the contact us form or let me know on Discord :)

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