Website Update Notes: 2022-02-10

Website Update Notes: 2022-02-10

This should be the last deployment for a while. We have some minor things we'd still like to add and potential bugs we haven't found.


  • Notifications! We now have notifications. Head over to your settings to edit yours. For the time being, notifications will exclusively be displayed on the website. In the future, we will add email notifications that will be sent out either immediately, hourly, daily or monthly.
  • Subscriptions! You are now able to subscribe to events or topics to be notified of what happens on those. In the settings, you also have the option to auto-subscribe when you interact with topics or events. Alternatively, there's a button to subscribe to events or topics, if you choose to only to subscribe to a select few.


  • Not really a fix, but removed the Tumblr link from the footer as we previously removed the link on the home page.

As always if you happen to find any issues, please leave a comment here, send a message on the contact us form or let me know on Discord :)

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