Handling Offences

Handling Offences

Our policy in handling offences is through mutual respect. When there is mutual respect between both parties, the guilty will be granted a strike system to keep their presence within the guild. 
All members regardless of rank will go through the same system. There are no exclusive rights to how offences are handled. 

Strike 1

This happens when one main rule was breached whether intentionally or not. Strike 1 results in a consequence that the guilty party will automatically be disqualified for an officer rank application. The guilty will not be demoted at this stage.

Strike 2

This happens when the same person breached the same rule again or another rule whether intentionally or not. Strike 2 results in a step demotion

Demotion goes as follows: 

i. Wizard-> Warlock 
ii. Warlock -> Apprentice. 

If you are an Apprentice rank and have received a strike 2, you will be removed as this indicates that you haven't been socially participating in the guild. 

Strike 3

This happens when either the same person has breached the same rule again for the 3rd time, or the same person has broken another rule after receiving a strike 2 warning or a new person has broken two or more rules. They will be permanently removed and banned from the community. Re-invitation will not be extended. Scamming, hacking, toxic behaviour, exploiting, abusive behaviour falls into Strike 3.


  • When caught for breaching rules, regardless of the amount, relevant parties will first be examined by the officers. Offender(s)/victim(s) involved will be called in for discussion. 

  • Only the guild leader has the authority to revoke any person's strike whether in decrement fashion; from 3 to 2 to 1 or 2 to 1 or be removed entirely.  No other officer or staff member rank may be allowed to change/revoke a/any strike(s). 

  • An officer reserves the right to grant a strike/(s) to any regular rank offending members (Wizard, Warlock and Apprentice).

  • A guild leader has the right to grant a strike/(s) to any offending member regardless of their rank.

  • All strikes will be notified to the offender in the form of warnings.