Guild Wars 2 - Guild Updates - 2022-06-20

Guild Wars 2 - Guild Updates - 2022-06-20
This is just meant to be a little update, as I post updates on our Guild Wars 2 forum post every so often.

We are currently around 10-15 people online during peak hours.We're running 4 scheduled events each week.

We start of the week with some Casual PvP on Mondays, followed by Dungeons on Fridays, where we'll pick one dungeon and complete all explorable paths then on Saturday we do PvE Guild Missions and end of our week with a full clear of Strike Missions in IBS/EoD except for Harvest Temple.

All events are scheduled for 6PM Server Time, except for Strike Missions that start at 5PM Server Time.

We will probably keep running the current events for a while, to ensure we're fully kitted out, we have too many dps and too little healers 😛
Once we're better geared and running the Strikes more smoothly, we'll look at setting up raids.

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