Getting Ascended Trinkets with Selectable Stats

Getting Ascended Trinkets with Selectable Stats

Ascended Trinkets from Map currencies and Magic/Karma LWS3 (unbound magic) and LWS4 (volatile magic)

Note: The trinkets have selectable stats. Once you choose a stat you can’t change it back. Only exception are the Trinkets from Bloodstone Fen, which can be reset to default and you can choose again.

Living World Season 3 

Map: Bloodstone Fen
Currency: Blood Ruby (BR)
Trinkets: Ring (Blood Ruby Band, 100 BR)+ Amulet (Blood Ruby Pendant, 125 BR) + Backpack (Blood Ruby Backpack, 200 BR)

Map: Draconis Mons
Currency: Fire Orchid Blossom (FOB)
Trinkets: Amulet (Fire Orchid Garland, 125 FOB) + Ring (Gilded Orchid Band, 100 FOB)

Map: Lake Doric
Currency: Jade Shard (JS)
Trinkets: Amulet (Jade pedant, 125 JS) + Backpack (White Mantle Scroll, 200 JS)

Map: Siren’s Landing
Currency: Orrian Pearls (OP)
Trinkets: Amulet (Coral Choker, 125 OP) + 5 Backpacks from each Heart Vendor (Collection, Relic of “…”, 200 OP)

Note: You get the trinkets for Karma and Orrian Pearls

Map: Bitterfrost Frontier
Currency: Fresh Winterberry (FW)
Trinkets: Earring (Black Ice Earring, 300 FW) + Ring (Black Ice Band, 200 FW) + Backpack (Icebrood Horn Backpack, 400 FW)

Map: Ember Bay
Currency: Petrified Wood (PW)
Trinkets: Earring (Sparking Petrified Wood, 150 PW) + Backpack (Lava Skull Backpack, 200 PW)

Living World Season 4

Map: Sandswept Isles
Currency: Difluorite Crystal (DC)
Trinkets: Earring (Multifaceted Diflourite Crystals, 150 DC) + Ring (Diflourite Band, 100 DC)

Map: Dragon Fall
Currency: Mistborn Mote (MM)
Trinkets: Ring (Mistborn Band, Crystal Bloom Quartermaster, 100 MM) + Amulet (Scion-Spike Amulet, Mist Warden Quartermaster, 125 MM) + Earring (Mists-Charged Treasure, Olmakhan Quartermaster, 150 MM)

Map: Bjora Marches
Currency: Eternal Ice Shard (EIS)
Trinkets: Amulet (Achievement, Bright Shore, 375 EIS) + Earring (Achievement, Humble Stone, 375 EIS)

Note: You get the trinkets for Karma and Eternal Ice Shards

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