Dark Souls III - Deprived Playthrough

Dark Souls III - Deprived Playthrough

Hi everyone :),

We've officially mentioned on Discord that we'd have a little competition between some of our members. I've decided to Stream my playthrough on Twitch. As a rule I also upload my videos to YouTube, as they aren't kept on Twitch for longer than 30 days. The uploads is the raw stream, I don't do any edits.

Here is the first one:

Hope you enjoy it. I'll be uploading the 2nd one soon. So be sure to check back frequently to watch them all. Alternatively, subscribe to my YouTube and/or Twitch channel to get notified when they happen :D.

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Here's the 2nd one, which I uploaded about 12 hours ago, I'll be keeping it one video per comment as to not clutter the page too much :) Setting up a playlist might be a better idea, but on that note, displaying the posts on new pages might even be better. I.E. not seeing the opening post on each page. Granted the forum styling would have to change a little for this work as nicely.

Anywho enough rambiling, here's video 2: