PvE - Guild Missions

PvE - Guild Missions
Date Game Type
25-Jun 18:00 - 20:00 Guild Wars 2 PvE - Guild Missions

As the title suggests, we'll be doing PvE - Guild Missions! 

All are welcome to join! If possible join with the character that has the most of Core Tyria explored as this will make it easier to get to certain points, specifically Bounties. Most of the other missions have enough time for us to wait for you or the Guild Portal can be used to quickly travel to that area.

The number of missions we'll complete will be based on the number of people that join, as some of the Challenges or Puzzles require a certain number of people to complete.

For an overview of what Guild Missions are, be sure to check out this post Quick Lesson in Guild Missions by Nepatan

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